The Benefits of Sleeping on Your Left/Right Side

Many people are under the false impression that sleeping on your back is the “healthiest” way to sleep.  For some people, like those with neck or back problems for example, this may be true, but it is definitely not true for everyone.  There are many people who would actually benefit greatly from avoiding sleeping on the back and sleeping on the left/right side instead.


Sleeping on your side is sometimes easier said than done, as it is our natural instinct to move around until we get comfortable.  It is important to ensure that you are comfortable while sleeping on the left/right side, and there are actually many tools available to help you do that.


One popular product for this purpose is the Splintek Sleepright Side Sleeping Pillow.  This positional sleeper pillow is specially designed for a full night of comfortable sleep on your side.  Equipped with a 12′ shoulder cradle, a full facial cradle as well as multiple air pathways, there are few products that can rival this one in efficiency and success rate. *This pillow won’t hold you on your side like a Rematee Bumper Belt – but it will help keep you comfortable on your side.


The benefits of sleeping on the left/right side are numerous, and many of them are specifically related to this product.  The Splintek Sleepright Side Sleeping Pillow has proven effective in improving the sleep patterns of those with insomnia, as well as preventing snoring from those suffering from sleep apnea, or similar conditions.


In addition to these benefits, a sidesleeper pillow also works to fight against neck, jaw and head tension.  Those who suffer from pain in these areas will notice a swift difference in comfort, while those who don’t can rest assured that they are preventing the development of pain in these areas.


There are also many people who would benefit from sleeping on their stomachs, and there are products available for these people as well.  Sleeping on the stomach can be dangerous for the spine if done irresponsibly, so a stomach sleeping pillow is strongly recommended before experimenting with this position.